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Hire Good People Only

Managing blue collar workers is tough. Improve your workforce by hiring good people only.

Check your applicants and their work history for any criminal records BEFORE hiring them.

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Report An Employee

Employee theft is a serious matter. All companies in our network are committed to building a safe working environment by sharing their experiences.

Report any defaulting employees and earn free credits.

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Employee Theft Happens Everywhere

Employee theft of cash or goods is a serious matter. Avoid the bad apples by running a quick background check before bringing in any new employee.

Tap into South East Asia’s largest database of blue collar workers and know upfront if your new hire was reported for any criminal activity in the past.

MYR 60,000,000

Annual losses to Malaysian companies due to employee theft.

Types of theft

32% office supply theft, followed by 27% products theft and 19% petty cash theft.

M, 36-45, blue collar

Demographic segment with highest percentage of employee theft.

Prevention is better than cure

Wrong hires can cause unnecessary trouble and headaches. Minimise your risks and screen applicants before hiring.

Super affordable pricing model

Background check with CHOPP start at RM 20. Get volume discounts for as cheap as RM 6 per check.

Largest database in SEA

Our community helps to build up South East Asia’s largest database of blue collar workers.

Time saving & easy to use

Your HR team won’t need a manual to run a check. We built CHOPP in a way that’s super easy to use.

Minimise Staff Turnover

More than every 2nd blue collar employee is terminated within the first 3 months.

Save yourself money, time & trouble by picking the good ones with clean records and high employer loyalty only.

Know Who You’re Hiring


One time ad-hoc check

Running a CHOPP background check is easy, quick and affordable. Pricing starts at RM 19 for 1 background check.

Big discounts on multiple checks

Our competitive pricing tier allows to buy credits multiple checks and get 1 check for as low as RM 5.99 Learn more about our → Pricing

Best Pricing

A quick screening shouldn’t cost a bomb. Moreover we truly believe in the power of network effects.

Had any defaulting employee in the past? Report them to us and earn credits that you can use to run checks on future hires.